When tragedy strikes, two brothers escape into an imaginary world.


Two brothers struggle to deal with the loss of their mother. The elder brother tries to cheer up his younger brother by taking him on a journey to an imaginary world. In the process, they find more than just a distraction from their grief.


Running time:   6 minutes 28 seconds
Language:   No dialogue (credits in English)
Country of origin:   Belgium
Screening format:   DCP
Resolution:   2K Scope (2048x858)
Sound:   Surround 5.1


Dream in Color is a one-person passion project that started production in 2009, and took more than 12 years to complete. The film is a love letter to the power of imagination, and the way imagination can provide a bit of comfort in difficult times.


My name is Marijn Raeven (35), and I'm a teacher and animator living in Belgium. I started production on Dream in Color all the way back in 2009. Since then, I spent most of my free time working on this short film.

The idea for Dream in Color came from my own youth. My elder brother Tom would take me on all sorts of imaginary adventures, and I remember having difficulty separating what was part of our imagination, and what was part of reality. While the story itself isn't autobiographic, many smaller elements in the film are taken directly from my own childhood.

Working on a film for more than 12 years isn't easy, and I (like many other artists) have often started working on a passion project, only to lose interest over time. But somehow I never lost my motivation and enthusiasm when working on Dream in Color. I think that is proof of the love I have for the story and its characters.


Dream in Color finished production in February 2022. We are currently in the process of submitting the film to festivals.

Confirmed screenings:

- Zlín Film Festival 2022 ( Czech Republic )